Wonder Woman, Vol. 2: Guts

Wonder Woman, Vol. 2: Guts - Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang, Tony Akins, Dan Green

While I'm enjoying the story, I absolutely hate what is done with the Amazons and Diana's origin.

I hate that the Amazons have been turned into a group of serial rapists and murderers who attack ships to rape the sailors so that they can have children before killing the men. Any male children they have are then traded to Hephaestus for weapons. And Diana is, of course, completely unaware of any of this. I know they only do it a few times a century, but it just seems to be ridiculous for Diana to be that unaware of a huge part of her society. I already hated Diana being the daughter of Zeus like most figures in Greek mythology. I miss her being a clay sculpture brought to life.

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Basically, it looks like I'll be ignoring a lot of what is done with the Amazons in this, as well as pretending my favorite Diana origin was used. Otherwise, I just don't think I could continue the series, despite liking the rest of the story.