Grim - Christine   Johnson, Ellen Hopkins, Julie Kagawa, Amanda Hocking

Grim is an anthology of fairy tale retellings by 17 different authors. I really wish each story had said which fairy tale they were retelling because I was not familiar with each one. Luckily, I was able to find out each one online. I will admit to reading the original before the retelling for any fairy tale I wasn't familiar with. Part of the fun of retellings for me is to see how the story was changed from the original.


Some of the stories I liked. Others not so much.


The Key by Rachel Hawkins (based on Bluebeard)

I really liked this story and wanted it to be longer. I will admit that I figured out all the twists based solely on knowing it was based off of Bluebeard. 4/5


Figment by Jeri Smith-Ready (based on Puss-in-Boots)

This was a cute story about a lucky cat who helps a boy improve his life.The ending was especially adorable. 4.5/5


The Twelfth Girl by Malinda Lo (based on Twelve Dancing Princesses)

This is one I really would have liked to have been longer. It was an interesting story, but I felt the characters needed to be developed more. It wasn't bad. I just thought it would have been better as a full-length book. 3/5


The Raven Princess by Jon Skovron (based on The Raven)

Besides a few minor changes, this was basically the exact story it was based off of. 2/5


Thinner Than Water by Saundra Mitchell (based on Cat-Skin)

I liked this one. It was creepy, but the original fairy tale was a bit creepy, so it was only to be expected. There is some father/daughter incest in it. I liked the ending, although it felt a bit rushed. 4/5


Before the Rose Bloomed by Ellen Hopkins (based on The Snow Queen)

I'm not a particular fan of the author's writing style where she splits up sentences so that they look like poetry despite reading like prose. It just really detracts from the story for me. 1/5


Beast/Beast by Tessa Gratton (based on Beauty and the Beast)

This was a cute retelling. I liked both characters and watching their relationship grow. 4/5


The Brothers Piggett by Julie Kagawa (based on The Three Little Pigs)

I wasn't sure what to expect from this, but it definitely wasn't what I got. This was a nice and creepy retelling where the pigs are all human brothers who own a bakery. The twist was expected, but great nonetheless. 5/5


Untethered by Sonia Gensler (based on The Shroud)

This was the shortest of the stories. It was a nice tale about death and moving on. 4/5


Better by Shaun David Hutchinson (based on The Pied Piper)

This was a sci-fi themed retelling, which was a fun change from most of the other stories. I do wish it hadn't included a gang rape, even though the scene wasn't very graphic.

It felt like it was there just to make the mass murder at the end more justifiable.

(show spoiler)



Light It Up by Kimberly Derting (based on Hansel and Gretel)

This was a realistic retelling with Hansel and Gretel as two teens who were abandoned in the woods and run across a cannibal park ranger. I liked it. 3/5


Sharper Than a Serpent's Tongue by Christine Johnson (based on Diamonds and Toads)

This one just annoyed me with how it was changed. While in the original the kind deed was helping an old lady get water from a well, here the kind deed is not reporting sexual assault. I was mad at all but one of the characters for how they treated it. 1/5


A Real Boy by Claudia Gray (based on Pinocchio)

This was the other sci-fi retelling. It was a cute story about love, but not incredibly interesting. 3/5


Skin Trade by Myra McEntire (based on The Robber Bridegroom)

This one was just really creepy. And not in the way it was intended. I'm not sure if I was supposed to find either of the two protagonists sympathetic. It felt like the story wanted me to find them sympathetic, but if that was the goal, it failed miserably. 1/5


Beauty and the Chad by Sarah Rees Brennan (based on Beauty and the Beast)

This one was strange. I thought Chad was very annoying. This one was very clearly trying to pass on morals, but they were just so poorly delivered. 2/5


The Pink by Amanda Hocking (based on The Pink)

This one was pretty much a straight retelling of the original. It didn't really stand out much. 2/5


Sell Out by Jackson Pearce (based on Snow White)

This had an interesting concept. It's the story of a boy who can bring people back to life by kissing them and works for a company that specializes in reviving the dead. 3/5


I liked more of the stories than disliked, which is good. All of my favorite stories were in the first half of the anthology.