The Eternity Cure

The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa

After loving The Immortal Rules, I was all set to love the sequel, particularly with the set-up of the end of the first. Allison was setting out on a journey to find and rescue her maker, Kanin (who is also my favorite character), from another vampire, Sarren. She had left the humans she was travelling with in Eden. I was ready for some more exploring of the vampire side of things. I was not expecting the disappointment I got.


The book started off well for me. Fairly early on, Allison runs into Jackal, her blood brother who fully embraces his vampire nature. He's searching for Kanin as well, and Allison, reluctantly, teams up with him. I love their relationship. They act just like siblings, and it's just fun to watch them interact. Unfortunately, a lot of their journey got skipped over, which was when my first disappointment.


Second was the return of Zeke. I liked the fact that Allison and he separated at the end of the last book, and I wanted them to stay separated. I didn't particularly care much about him in the first book, but this book made me really dislike him. Shortly after getting to Eden, Zeke leaves to search for Allison. He had no clue where she was and no way to know where she would be. His plan was to just wander all over the place looking for her in the hopes that he'll get lucky. He was in a safe place. A place he had been looking for for most of his life. And he left it to find a vampire who could not enter Eden and who had left of her own accord. It was far more likely that he would be killed by some vampire or rabid. I really couldn't think of Zeke as anything other than an idiot, especially the more we saw of him throughout this book. His very presence made everything so much more difficult than it had to be, and my enjoyment went down every time he was present.


Third was the return of Stick. Since the last time we saw him in the first book, he'd become the personal aide of the vampire king of the city and gotten tons of power as a result. It just came off as a ridiculous transformation for him that only seemed to be there to up the drama for Allison. Stick was not someone I wanted to see return. And honestly, I don't even see how he got the position seeing how many boneheaded moves he makes in this book. You'd think the vampire king would want someone levelheaded and intelligent as his aide. Nope, apparently not.


Thankfully, both Kanin and Jackal were there to make things a bit better. Allison's interactions with the two of them were far more interesting than her interactions with either Zeke or Stick. Sadly, Kanin and Jackal just weren't in the book enough for me compared to Zeke and Stick for me to truly enjoy it.