Teardrop (Teardrop Trilogy) - Lauren Kate

I knew from the prologue that I was going to have problems with this book for several reasons. It's told from the perspective of Ander, a guy who has been watching the main character, Eureka, from birth. He and his family are planning on killing her to save the world, but he has fallen so in love with her from his stalking that he decides that saving her is more important than saving the world. So we've got a stalker love interest who planned to kill the girl. Except his love for her (despite never talking to her ever) is so great that he is perfectly willing to doom the world just so she'll live. Now, if he decided not to kill her because he was doubting that she was really going to bring about the end of the world or something like that, I'd be far more forgiving. But no. He's not doubting that. He just decides to screw the human race because she's hot.


Then we move on to focus on Eureka. And I discover I really dislike her. She looks down on everyone and views them as below her. Her therapist is just so dumb. Her stepmother is just so horrible. Her father is just so spineless. Her best female friend is ridiculously boy crazy. But her dead mother is a perfect angel. And her male best friend (and other love interest) is (of course) awesome and perfect and the only one who understands her.


Now, I can understand her having this view. She's a teenager; it's not uncommon for them to think they're so much smarter/better/etc. than everyone. It's the fact that the book fully supports everything that she thinks. She gets nowhere with therapy (although, from what I saw, that looks more to be because Eureka was a little shit and refused to recognize that she really was in need of help; I actually don't have a problem with that because I can totally see her having that point of view; it's the fact that she never grows or learns; everyone else is the problem, not her).


Her stepmother does say some rotten things from time to time that really were bad, but the book made her every action out to be pure evil. For example, Eureka tells us about her stepmother getting upset about Eureka damaging a wall in anger. Eureka thinks it's ridiculous because drywall can just be fixed. You know what's ridiculous? Damaging a wall on purpose and then thinking it's stupid that the person who has to fix it is annoyed at having to repair something that should never have been damaged in the first place.


Her best friend, Cat, jumps from one guy to the next almost every time that we see her. I wouldn't even care about her best friend being so boy crazy, but it gets really old when every best friend of the main character is depicted as being super boy crazy. Despite that, I did like her more often than not.


Her other best friend, Brooks, whom she describes as being the only person who understands her, was someone I actually liked. Especially when he blew up at Eureka and told her that she was acting shitty to everyone in her life.


And then there's Ander. He's just a horrible and creepy person. And Eureka's reactions to him were ridiculous:

  • He meets Brooks for the first time and violently grabs him? Geez, Brooks, that's obviously your fault.
  • Everything he's told you is a lie? He's just so hot, and I want to see him again.
  • He's a complete and total asshole to a tour guide at a museum to get my attention? I'm going to go be alone with the lying stalker with violent tendencies.
  • He's standing outside the police station where I went to report his stalking and looks so furious that I'm terrified of what he'll do? I can't turn around and walk right back into the police station for help. (And she does not get bonus points for going to the police because Cat forced her to go there. So Cat gets bonus points. Not Eureka who was as unhelpful as she could possibly be there.)
  • He's been stalking me my entire life and knows all my secrets? I just want to jump into his arms.
  • He shows up with the book I gave a woman who then got murdered? I don't jump to the logical conclusion that he is the murderer, but instead totally buy his story about how the woman's bird led him to the place where she buried it.
(show spoiler)

I am so tired of stories that have the love interest stalk the main character and it be shown as so romantic.


The really sad thing is that the mythology and Atlantis stuff was intriguing. I wanted to know about Atlantis and its story. I wanted to know about the Atlanteans and the potential end of the world. I was just so put off by the characters and the romanticizing of the stalking that it ruined everything else for me.