Where She Went

Where She Went - Gayle Forman

Told from Adam's point of view, Where She Went is set three years after Mia left Adam after waking up from her coma. Both of them have gone far in achieving their dreams since then. Adam's band is incredibly popular, and Mia is becoming a well-known classical musician. But Adam is still haunted by memories of Mia. When the two of them meet, Adam finally has a chance at resolving things.


I was surprised to find that I actually ended up liking this book more than the first. If I Stay was very emotional and heart-breaking with Mia losing her family and having to decide whether living was worth it, but Where She Went deals with the consequences of the first book. We see how Adam and Mia both dealt with the aftermath and the pain both of them went through and continue to go through. Neither of them is coping perfectly, but you can understand why they made the decisions they did and how they got to the point we see them at. There was just something so completely human about these characters with their imperfections and emotional responses. And I love their relationship because both of them make one another better.


I didn't expect a book about a broken relationship to affect me more than one about a girl trying to decide whether to wake up from a coma or to just let herself die, but it did. I guess I'm just a sucker for broken people trying to fix themselves.