The Forever Song

The Forever Song - Julie Kagawa

After Sarren murders Zeke, Allie is ready to get her revenge. Oh, and for the fact that Sarren is planning to unleash a virus on the world to destroy everyone. Joined by Kanin, her maker, and Jackal, her blood brother, they race to stop Sarren before it's too late. But Sarren knows they're after him and is ready with a few surprises of his own.


After really liking The Immortal Rules, but being incredibly disappointed by The Eternity Cure, I adjusted my expectations for The Forever Song so that I wouldn't be so disappointed again, although I did hope that I would end up liking it as much as the first. Sadly, that was not the case. Like the second book, The Forever Song started off well. Then Zeke returned, and it all went downhill from there for me.


There was a lot of time spent in both the second and third book hammering in the fact that Zeke would not be able to deal with being a vampire and would be the type to commit suicide. Well, we get Zeke the vampire in this book and after a bit of angsting about his new state and one suicide attempt, Zeke is perfectly fine with being a vampire since it means he can live forever with Allie. After so much time was spent telling us just the opposite, this reversal just annoyed me. I just wish Zeke had stayed gone the first time the series got rid of him.


I found myself no longer liking Allie. She was a compelling character at the start of the series with her drive to survive and the internal struggle between retaining her humanity and giving into her monster. Here we got repeated angsting about Zeke, which admittedly may not have bothered me if I actually liked him, and her continued struggle with humanity versus monster, which would have been more compelling if she didn't just keep repeating the same thing over and over again.


I continued to love Kanin, the voice of reason in all of this, and Jackal. Unfortunately, even Jackal got on my nerves occasionally with his and Allie's petty fighting. That being said, I still mostly loved him.


I didn't like the resolution to the plot either. The sacrifice I fully expected, but the sudden last minute reveal about Allie just let me wondering where that came from. Maybe it was hinted at in the first book, but I have no desire to read any of the books again, so I suppose I'll never know.


I'm sad to say that this was a disappointing conclusion to a book series that I thought had started off really well.