Lies My Girlfriend Told Me

Lies My Girlfriend Told Me - Julie Anne Peters

When Alix's girlfriend, Swanee, suddenly dies, Alix discovers that she had been keeping a secret from her—Swanee had been secretly dating another girl, Liana, at the same time. And Liana has no clue that Swanee is now dead and thinks that Swanee is mad at her and ignoring Liana. Not wanting Liana to remain clueless, Alix tells her about Swanee's death and her lies. Brought together by Swanee's death and memories, Alix and Liana grow closer as they try to move on from their loss. But Alix is still keeping one thing from Liana.


What I loved about this book is the fact that the main characters aren't heterosexual, but it's not about their non-heterosexuality. All characters involved knew they weren't heterosexual before the book began and were already open about that fact. They're not trying to come to terms with their sexuality. They're open about their relationships. It's a book about romance and loss and lies and family and all the things that are in so many YA books that feature heterosexual main characters. It just so happens that the main characters in this aren't heterosexual, but they still get a story that revolves around the same things that heterosexual main characters get. There are minor mentions about things like coming out to their families earlier and reconciling religious beliefs with their sexuality, but those weren't the focus of the book. They were there, but the book still got to revolve around something other than their sexuality.


All of this isn't to say that I don't enjoy books that do revolve around characters sexuality and things like that. I do. It's just difficult sometimes to find YA books featuring non-heterosexual characters that don't ultimately revolve around their sexuality rather than the variety of plots that books with heterosexual leads have.


I really loved Alix and her family in this book. When the book starts out, Alix is incredibly jealous of Swanee's family who gave her free reign to do whatever she wants. She views her parents as too controlling and nosy. But as Alix learns more about Swanee's lies, she begins to take a good look at Swanee's family and starts to realize that things were not as ideal as she had imagined.


Her relationship with Liana was great too. Both girls were hurt terribly both by Swanee's death, but also be the lies that were then revealed after the fact. As a result, their feelings about Swanee are now mixed. They are drawn to one another because of their shared pain, but their unique situation also makes it difficult and messy. Their relationship is just filled with this mess of guilt, mixed feelings, loss, and hurt that alternatively pushes them together and pulls them apart.


I was frustrated with characters at time over decisions they made, but none of those moments were enough to really take away from my enjoyment of Lies My Girlfriend Told Me. Ultimately, I loved the characters and watching them work to move on from their loss and grow in the process.