Complicit - Stephanie Kuehn

Jamie's sister, Cate, was sent to juvie two years ago for burning a barn down. Jamie couldn't help but be relieved when she was sent away. Right before the incident, Cate had started doing a lot of bad things. But she's out now. And she wants to talk to Jamie. Cate has something to tell him. Something she's been keeping from him for years.


When reading, it quickly becomes apparent that something is off with Jamie. At first, it is just the tone of the book that gives that idea. But as the story goes on, things Jamie says don't quite add up. He does things without realizing it. What he says happened for various things doesn't match up what others say happened. I was sucked into the mystery that he is right away. I wanted to know what was going on with him, his past, and his sister.


Although Cate isn't present for a lot of the book, she was my favorite character. A lot of the mysteries that Jamie works to solve revolve around her. She's present in many of Jamie's memories as he tries to figure out why Cate suddenly changed. Every little bit revealed about her just made me want to know more.


The big reveal of the book is fairly predictable, particularly if you've read plenty of psychological thrillers. Despite that, the atmosphere set up by the book really helps to sell the book. It sets up the creepiness right away, particularly in regards with Jamie, as well as the general suspense and uncertainty. But where the book really got me was with the ending. I was pleasantly surprised by the route the book took. It left me wanting to see how everything play out after the book ended, even though I had a pretty good idea how it all would ultimately turn out.


It's difficult to say much about this book without spoiling too much. Complicit is the type of book where the less you know, the better. It's a bit dark and twisted, but that puts it right up my alley. If you want a book that makes you question everything, this is a good one to try.