#scandal - Sarah Ockler

For prom, Lucy had been planning to spend it at home killing zombies online. Until her best friend, Ellie, got sick and asked her to go in her place with her date, Cole. Lucy agreed to do it, but there's one problem—Lucy has had a secret crush on Cole, her best friend's boyfriend, forever. Then at a party after prom, Lucy finds out that Cole and Ellie broke up a while ago and then gets kissed by Cole. But before Lucy can talk to Ellie about the situation, Lucy's phone is stolen and pictures of her with Cole, as well as pictures of other party-goers in various compromising situations, get uploaded to her Facebook. Now Lucy is the most hated person at school, and she is determined to discover who did this and clear her name.


There were quite a few aspects of this book that I liked, but it was a weird premise for me to swallow. Lucy's best friend broke up with Cole well before prom, but the two of them continued to pretend to be together. And then Ellie fakes sick and gets Lucy to go with Cole instead. It just came across as a very strange scenario to fake being together and then get your best friend to be your ex-boyfriend's prom date, while leading her to believe he's still your boyfriend. And to get incredibly mad at your best friend for kissing your ex-boyfriend seems ridiculous when you had been the one lying the entire time. You sent your best friend on a date with your ex-boyfriend and then got mad when they ended up kissing. It was just a strange premise.


The romance between Lucy and Cole was difficult to get behind. I never really felt anything about them being together. He was hardly present in the story. He'd pop up periodically, but, when he wasn't present, Cole was pretty easy to forget about. In my opinion, Lucy had more chemistry with another guy than her actual love interest.


I liked a number of the secondary characters and Lucy's interactions with them. The (e)VIL group is a student organization against social media, and Lucy is pretty judgmental about all of them when the book starts. As Lucy becomes friends with them during the book, she sees just how wrong she was about them and realizes how often she makes silent judgments about people without ever giving them a chance.


Lucy's interactions with Franklin, a school reporter and the guy I thought Lucy had more chemistry with, were cute, and I enjoyed whenever he was present.


But my favorite character was Jayla, Lucy's sister. Jayla's sister is a big TV star whose reputation lands her in the tabloid often. She and Lucy have a relationship that's pretty rocky at the start of the book due to something awful Jayla did to Lucy last year. And it is awful. And Jayla knows she screwed up, but isn't entirely sure how to fix it, although she certainly tries her best. Of course, Jayla's got some problems of her own that she's trying to work through as well. I loved watching the two of them rebuild their relationship.


Lucy's relationships with people (minus Cole and Ellie) were my favorite part of the book. Despite the awfulness of the bullying, Lucy manages to make some pretty great friends. And it was the secondary characters that made this a good read for me.