Rogue Touch

Rogue Touch - Christine Woodward

Anna Marie's skin is dangerous to touch. She accidentally put her boyfriend in a coma that he hasn't woken up from and probably never will, which is why she ran away from home. To protect people from her deadly touch, Anna Marie dresses to cover up all of her skin except her face. But this makes it difficult to hold down a job. Then she meets James, a guy she feels drawn to who is on the run from his family. The two of them go on the run together. Anna Marie has finally found someone she feels she can trust, but she might have to learn to use her powers if she wants to keep them safe.


The  thing that prevented me from enjoying this book is the very thing that made me pick it up in the first place—I'm a big fan of Rogue and have been since I was little. From the moment I discovered her, she was my favorite X-Men, so I was excited to read this book. But the character of this book just never felt like Rogue. Her personality felt completely off, and most of her past was different. The Rogue of this book wasn't raised by Mystique and Destiny after running away from home. She gets her name from the new character, James, or rather Touch, instead of getting it from the fact that she ran away at a young age. This Rogue just didn't feel like Rogue.


Rogue Touch didn't even feel like a book about Rogue. It felt like a book about Touch with Rogue along for the ride. The plot revolved around him. Everything was about learning about his past. I felt nothing between him and Rogue who felt immediately drawn to him. I didn't pick up the book for Touch. I don't care about Touch.

And then it gets even better when it's revealed that Touch had been lying to her the whole time and had been planning to use her as a weapon so he and his family could rule the world in the future. Revealing that the love interest was lying to and using her the whole time does nothing to endear him to me. It doesn't matter to me if his love for her suddenly made him change his mind about the entire plan because I never cared about their romance to begin with.

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So yeah, I felt nothing for Touch.


The writing of the book wasn't bad. I probably would have enjoyed this more if I knew nothing about Rogue going in or if the book hadn't been about her in the first place. Unfortunately, neither of those is true.