Avengers Disassembled

Avengers Disassembled - Brian Michael Bendis, David Finch

The Avengers face their worst day with one crisis after another. But what they don't realize is that everything is the work of one person. And this day is going to change the Avengers forever.


This book is a bit of a mess if you have any familiarity with the characters prior to this. This is one of those stories where the author has a story they want to tell, and they change the characters so that they can tell it. There are multiple parts that clash with things that have happened previously in the comics which makes some characters look dumb. For example, Doctor Strange tells the Avengers that chaos magic does not exist, despite the fact that he has used it previously.


Then there is the reveal of who is behind it and why—

Scarlet Witch has been driven insane by both the use of her reality warping powers and remembering the loss of her children. In her insanity, she blames the Avengers and launches a series of attacks against them, resulting in the deaths of several Avengers, including her husband. I'm just not thrilled with the villain of the story being Scarlet Witch who has been driven insane for remembering the loss of her babies and goes on a murderous rampage, especially since she had remembered them before this without losing her sanity. Add in a few of the Avengers going on about her evil past despite several of the Avengers having much worse pasts and it just felt like the series was bashing Scarlet Witch. Of course, Scarlet Witch is one of my favorite characters so that is a part of why I hated this.

(show spoiler)


The story also needed to be longer. Everything feels very rushed, particularly once the villain reveal happens. The Avengers get thrashed until Doctor Strange shows up to tell them who is behind everything, and then that person gets defeated pretty quickly. This is a story that had major consequences for the entire Marvel universe, but it was too short to really do justice to a lot of what happened. The story was just too crammed full of events happening one after another.


While I may not have enjoyed this book, it certainly does deliver in its promise to change the Avengers forever. And those changes did lead to several stories that I did enjoy, so it's not all bad.