Soul Eater series

Soul Eater, Vol. 1 -

 This is a review for the entire series.


The DWMA (Death Weapon Meister Academy) is run by Death and is where Meisters and their Weapons (humans with the ability to turn into weapons) train to collect 99 evil souls and 1 witch's soul to turn their Weapons into Death Scythes, which can be used by Death himself. The story mainly follows Maka and her partner Soul Eater, Black Star and his partner Tsubaki, and Death the Kid (Death's son) and his partners Patty and Liz. But things get complicated when the witch Medusa plans to spread madness throughout the world.


The best word I can think of to describe this series is weird. The characters are all pretty strange and the plot gets weirder as the series goes on. But it's a funny weird, although dark at times. But when you have a series with a doctor who loves to experiment on people (and he's a good guy), a witch who's incredibly abusive to her child, main (good) characters who eat souls, characters literally being driven insane, and much more, it's understandable that the series would be on the dark side.


I loved most of the characters, with the exception of Black Star who was an incredibly irritating brat who had everyone defending his awfulness. I hated whenever the story switched its focus to him. Luckily, he was the only character I couldn't stand. While there was no romance among the main characters, the story still focused a lot their relationships with one another. They were a team, and it certainly felt like it. And the main protagonist of the story is the female Meister, Maka, which I did not realize until I actually started reading it. Everything I had seen about the series had led me to believe the main character was either her Weapon, Soul Eater (his name is the name of the series after all), or fellow Meister, Death the Kid.


The villains introduced later in the series aren't as interesting as the earlier ones, but it's a bit difficult to beat the twistedness that is Medusa. Luckily, she's there quite a bit, and even when she's not, the effects of Medusa's actions are still present.


The ending was very open and left a number of things up in the air. And it included some weirdness that truly came out of nowhere that initially had me thinking I had misread something.


Overall, Soul Eater was a fun read, although the story got so strange there didn't really seem to be a good way to wrap up everything, so some things just weren't.