The Chemist

The Chemist - Stephenie Meyer

The Chemist is one of those books that's just silly fun, despite the main character being an expert at torturing people and utilizing her skills in the book. I wasn't particularly interested in the romance part of the story since it was another case of insta love. And I just wasn't impressed by Daniel, the love interest, who kept making stupid move after stupid move throughout the story. Luckily for him, the other characters were there to save him from himself. And I liked all of them.


But my favorite part of the story happened right in the middle of it. There was a dog army that just had me laughing as they proved themselves more competent than the rest of the cast. I would have enjoyed the story even more if they had been in it longer. The epilogue also made me laugh when it switched to a new character who has a strange conversation with some of the main characters some time after the events of the book. It's one last perfect look at them that shows that

Daniel is just as useless at self-preservation as ever as his brother and Alex try to save him from himself.

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The book's a quick read, kept my interest the whole time, and amused me until the last page.