DNF of Odd One Out

Odd One Out - Nic Stone

I'm quitting this one at a little over 40 pages in. It's supposed to have 3 different perspectives, but I've only had one character's POV (Coop) so far. I do not like him. He has a best friend, Jupiter, a lesbian he's in love with and not-so-secretly hoping will decide she likes guys and get with him. He's creepy and possessive toward her, getting jealous whenever she pays attention to someone other than him.


I read some spoiler reviews to see if things would get better since I really enjoyed this author's previous book and was hoping things would get better if I pushed through to the two girls' sections. I did not like what I read. At all. The book was not going to be going in a direction I liked. And I apparently had multiple moments of unchecked biphobia to look forward to as well. I'm just not in the mood for that, so I'm calling it quits. I appreciate the idea behind this one, but the book just isn't working for me.