May Books

I read 22 books last month with an average score of 3.61. 5 were graphic novels and 11 were YA. My most-read genres were contemporary, romance, fantasy, and mystery.


My favorite book was definitely All The Bad Apples - Moïra Fowley-Doyle. My least favorite was Date Me, Bryson Keller - Kevin van Whye. Very easy to choose this month.


I knocked out some more books on my 2020 Reading Plans list. I'm now at 20/38. My most and least favorite books of this month were included on that list. Luckily, it was only one of the ones I read from this list that didn't work for me this month.



5 Stars

X-Factor Vol. 3: Many Lives of Madrox (X-Men) - Peter David All The Bad Apples - Moïra Fowley-Doyle 


4 Stars

Meg and Jo - Virginia Kantra  My Dark Vanessa - Kate Elizabeth Russell  X-Factor - Volume 2: Life and Death Matters - Ariel Olivetti (Artist), Peter David, Dennis Calero (Artist), Roy Allen Martinez (Artist), Renato Arlem (Artist)  Sword in the Stars - Cori McCarthy,Amy Rose Capetta  House of Salt and Sorrows - Erin A Craig  The Guinevere Deception - Kiersten White  The Boy in the Red Dress - Kristin Lambert  

The Grift of the Magi - Ally Carter  Eight Perfect Murders - Peter  Swanson  


3.5 Stars

Awkward Silence 1 - Hinako Takanaga  A Match Made in Mehendi - Nandini Bajpai  The Honey-Don't List - Christina Lauren  The Field of Blood: Violence in Congress and the Road to Civil War - Joanne B. Freeman  The Oracle Code - Marieke Nijkamp,Manuel Preitano  Burnout - Emily Nagoski  


3 Stars

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Vol. 1 - Shinobu Ohtaka 


2.5 Stars

Rage - Cora Carmack As Kismet Would Have it - Sandhya Menon Undercover Bromance - Lyssa Kay Adams 


2 Stars

Date Me, Bryson Keller - Kevin van Whye 





Books by author gender:

  • Male: 4
  • Female: 17
  • Non-binary: 1
  • Female/Male Mix: 0


Books by format:

  • Physical: 9
  • Audio: 13