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Only Mostly Devastated - Sophie Gonzales

Oh, I would not get along with Ollie's mom.


After their unexpected move across the country, Ollie gets his first chance to do a group video chat with his friends back home. His mom has him do it in the dining room so he can prepare the vegetables for dinner while he talks to them, which he has no problem doing. However, his entire family, including his mom, keeps interrupting him while he's talking to his friends until they give up after just a few minutes because his friends can't hear him speak. Naturally, he's upset about this. He still continues to help prepare dinner, but is quiet while he does so. His mom doesn't like that and comes over and tells him he needs to practice mindfulness and think of all the things he's grateful for. It's at this point Ollie's narration tells us that his mom believes that people need to be "happy and satisfied and positive" or else bad things will happen to you.


Let the boy experience his emotions! Being upset is a perfectly natural experience! People can't be happy all the time. It's especially frustrating when she's part of the reason he's upset.