The Iron Queen

The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa

I love this book for its perfectly bittersweet ending. I wish the series had ended on this book because I like when stories don't wrap everything up perfectly. Although, part of this desire might also be because I was never a big fan of the Meghan/Ash pairing. I like both characters on their own though.

Meghan and Ash have just been banished from the Nevernever, but that doesn't mean the fey are done with Meghan. The false Iron King wants her, and if Meghan wants to be safe, she has to take him down. Unfortunately for her, there's not a lot of time since the Iron fey are marching against the Summer and Winter courts.

I enjoyed watching Meghan really step up in this book and take an active role in the fight. It's always nice to see the main female lead fighting for herself.

The only thing in this series that makes me sad, other than it not being the last book, is that we didn't get more Puck, my favorite character. But I expected that, so it doesn't really bother me.

I really like this series and the characters in it. It's a fun read.