Icons - Margaret Stohl

This is one of those books that had an interesting premise, but didn't really go anywhere cool with it. The world has been taken over by aliens, but we never see them in the book. I'm sure they'll appear later in the series, but you'd think they'd appear in the first book since they're the ones who've taken over and control everything. It read less alien invasion and more dystopian.


I didn't really find the characters very compelling. We have Dol, the main character, whose best friend, Ro, is in love with her. These two, along with Lucas, son of the Ambassador (part of the bad government), and Tima, a girl who loves Lucas, are the secret to defeating the aliens. Now of course, Dol is drawn to both Ro and Lucas, who naturally dislike one another. And obviously Tima immediately dislikes Dol because, being a teenage girl, Dol is competition for Lucas' affection. And they're mankind's only chance. The team dynamics are great there. My patience with the characters wore thin very quickly with the petty jealousy and hate when greater things are supposed to be at stake. And the love triangle (or square?) didn't even take up too much of the plot. It just felt so forced that I had no patience for it. I think I'm just getting sick of seeing love triangles in everything I read, especially when insta-love is involved.


Basically, the main characters didn't really interest me, and I found the plot too predictable. I did like, however, the use of official documents between each chapter to give various bits of information. It's not a bad book. It's just a kind of average one.