Rose Under Fire

Rose Under Fire - Elizabeth Wein

Rose, an American ATA pilot during WWII, is captured by the Nazis on her way back from a mission and is sent to Ravensbrück, a concentration camp. Told mostly in journal entries, Rose recounts her story and the experiences of the women she met, as well as the effect it had on her after she gets out.


Unsurprisingly, Rose Under Fire is not an easy book. Even though this particular account is fictional, the things that happen in the book were done to women back then. Knowing that made reading the book quite horrible at times.


The book starts off before she's captured. We learn that Rose is friends with Maddie and see how she's doing after the events of Code Name Verity. After getting to know Rose and her life before her capture, there are a series of letters from various people where we learn Rose has gone missing for months. It was really nice seeing old characters from Code Name Verity and seeing where their lives had gone since then.


What I really liked about the book though was that the book showed not just the horrors of the concentration camp, but also showed the effects her time there had on her. The book ends after the Nuremberg Trials, so we get to see how a lot of the characters are doing after the war ends.


All the strongest relationships in the book were between the women in the camp. It was both amazing and heartbreaking to see them trying to protect one another as best as they could and give each other strength.