The Goose Girl

The Goose Girl - Shannon Hale

I knew nothing about The Goose Girl when I started reading it. I hadn't even read the synopsis, so I had no clue what to expect from it. It was only after I started reading it that I realized it was based off of a fairy tale of the same name that I had read. I'm a sucker for fairy tale adaptations, so I was delighted by this discovery. The plot of the book follows the fairy tale fairly closely while still putting its own unique spin on the story by expanding on the original characters, adding new ones, and altering plot points slightly.


Ani is the crown princess of Kildenree and was taught how to speak to animals by her aunt, although she hides this skill from others. When a change in the line of succession occurs, Ani is sent to a neighboring land to be wed to the crown prince as part of a peace treaty. Her lady-in-waiting uses this opportunity to betray Ani and attempt to kill her and pass herself off as the princess. Ani is able to escape, but now faces the impossible task of convincing everyone that she is the true princess.


Ani is helped along the way by a number of characters, and I love her interactions with them. She has a lot to learn from them and gains a new perspective on aspects of life that she always took for granted as a princess. And Ani doesn't forget a single person who helped her and makes sure to return the favor when she's able. Ani's journey really turned into a group effort, and it was a ton of fun to read.